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Advanced Clinical Assessment, Specialized Wound Care,
Hyperbaric Therapy and Optimum Nutrition Support = Healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a scientifically proven, mainstream medical procedure that accelerates the body's ability to heal. During each visit, the patient is placed in a clear acrylic hyperbaric chamber to breathe pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. Being inside the oxygen chamber facilitates healing and may enable a positive outcome and experience.

Who We Can Help

RegenQuest is a leading independent provider of hyperbaric therapy and advanced wound care, helping to ensure a successful outcome for patients with various medical conditions. We are able to work directly with the patient, or with his or her primary care or referring provider. We will work with your health insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum benefit. Our patient-centered care includes:

Patient Assessment
Outcome Driven &
Cost Efficient Care
Licensed Medical Staff with
30+ Years of Experience

Wound Care

RegenQuest utilizes evidence-based, advanced wound care techniques and topical medications for complex wound care and treatments. Patients receive specialty care, including hyperbaric therapy (provided in RegenQuest’s state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers that utilize cutting-edge equipment. Together with our nutritional support, they improve patients’ healing and overall outcome.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

RegenQuest is the premier independent provider of hyperbaric therapy for a wide variety of medical conditions, utilizing customized care plans designed to optimize the health benefits experienced by our patients. And, our Perry SIGMA 40 monoplace oxygen chambers have a 40.5″ internal diameter, which is the LARGEST in the industry.

Supportive Optimum Nutrition

RegenQuest’s nutritional program is designed to create a customized optimum nutrition plan, to facilitate the healing process of each patient’s specific medical condition, as well as enhance their overall health. The program may include an in-person consultation with a registered dietitian or other professional and nutrition-oriented programs, as needed. We may also recommend high-quality, therapeutically supported nutritional supplements.

Pioneering Treatment of the Whole Person

The RegenQuest System

Each RegenQuest patient is provided with a regenerative plan (The RegenQuest System) -- a customized plan created by the Center's professional staff. The RegenQuest System begins with an extensive evaluation of each patient's medical condition, including their nutritional status and a micronutrient evaluation. It may also include ordering and evaluating diagnostic testing, such as SPECT/CT brain imaging, cardiovascular testing, neurological exams, psychological evaluations and more. Next, we focus on clinical modalities to directly resolve the patient's medical condition. Lastly, we design a plan to improve the patient's overall health and well-being, including their nutritional status. Optimum nutrition is one of the most important factors in facilitating improvement or resolution of any medical condition. RegenQuest patients benefit from its pioneering treatment of the whole person.

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“My son suffered a hypoxic brain injury at three months old. Since starting hyperbaric therapy, he has started smiling, mimicking sounds, cooing, and is eating and swallowing perfectly. His vision was greatly impacted as a result of the brain injury, and since doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it has improved tremendously. He is looking around and even tracking and making eye contact, and he’s able to communicate when he is happy, tired, hungry, etc. Physically, he has improved, as well, holding his head up, having overall trunk control and taking steps. The staff has been great and is always able to accommodate our busy schedule. His therapists are all astounded by his improvement and progress in such a short time. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered a similar injury.”

Mother of 1 year old maleSunrise, FL

“On August 23, 2016, Michael experienced a ruptured AVM that was inoperable. Michael was 34 years of age. During his recovery, he has relearned to walk, eat, and function in his daily life. Mike suffers with short-term memory loss and some long-term memory loss. He has had nine sessions with the hyperbaric chamber so far. We already have noticed Mike engaging more in conversation, answering questions quicker, making more eye contact when talking and taking more initiative in dressing and grooming. After just this short time of hyperbaric therapy sessions, we are looking forward to more awakening from Mike. Goals: writing more in his journal, reading, and improving his need to be reminded of going to the bathroom.”

Mother of Michael, age 36, male Jupiter, Florida

“A miracle called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: I did not know about these therapies and how beneficial they have been for my health. I had surgery and it did not go well. I am a cancer survivor (Stage 3 breast cancer). In the past, I received chemo and radiation. My first day at RegenQuest, for my first treatment, I was very skeptical, afraid and nervous, thinking, “Do I have to go back to the surgery room and start all over again?” The hyperbaric therapy started, and I began to notice the change in my wound a couple of days later. I am so grateful for the staff. They are caring people and have always been by my side. I call the hyperbaric oxygen therapy a miracle. In the beginning, I did not know what to expect from the oxygen chamber. Today, my skin is coming back, my cells have been regenerated. I am 100% positive these therapies could help to heal different diagnoses. Insurance companies should be educated with these treatments and understand how beneficial it is.”

Francina, age 56Margate, FL

“The friendly staff at RegenQuest is very personable and accommodating and truly does their best to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I was referred to RegenQuest for treatment of a traumatic brain injury and have now completed 30 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I was initially anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of being in the hyperbaric chamber. But a quick look at the oxygen chamber setup and a thorough explanation of the process did an amazing job of calming my nerves. The staff reassured me that it would be a breeze; they would be next to me the whole time and there was nothing to worry about. They were right! The hyperbaric chambers themselves are spacious, and the staff makes sure you're more than comfortable with pillows, blankets, etc. Watching Netflix or taking a midday nap makes the time fly by. I am very thankful for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the incredible impact it has had on my recovery thus far.”

25 year old femaleParadise Island, Bahamas

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