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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that involves the administration of 100% pure oxygen, under increased atmospheric pressure in a hyperbaric chamber. HBOT has been in use since the 1940s for treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. The patient is monitored inside a pressurized monoplace chamber and breathes pure oxygen (O2). The increased pressure and oxygen concentration supersaturate the blood and tissues with oxygen at the cellular level, which drastically enhances the body’s ability to heal. At RegenQuest, our customized HBOT care plans are designed to promote the healing process and the patient’s experience of health benefits not achieved using other standard therapies. Here are some common FAQs:

Q: How is HBOT Administered?

RegenQuest uses Perry SIGMA 40 monoplace chambers, which are the largest, most comfortable HBOT pressurized chambers in the industry. The patient lays comfortably on the bed while in the chamber and breathes 100% oxygen. Normally the patient can watch his/her favorite TV show, movie, or sleep. Patients are continuously monitored by a certified technician and supervised by a licensed medical provider during their hyperbaric treatment session.

Q: How Long is a Session?

Each session can range between 80-120 minutes depending on the patient’s diagnosis and protocol. Due to the increased pressure in the chamber, the oxygen is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and aids in healing damaged tissue and areas where there may be inflammation or injury.

Q: Is HBOT Treatment Safe?

HBOT is generally a safe treatment and complications are rare. At RegenQuest we take all necessary precautions to ensure patient safety. A comprehensive exam is performed by one of our providers prior to starting treatment to determine if you are a candidate for HBOT. Some patients may feel a temporary sensation of full ears, or what you normally experience with a change in external air pressure on an airline flight.

Q: What is HBOT Used to Treat?

HBOT is used for a wide variety of ailments and conditions ranging from neurological conditions as such autism, stroke, brain injury, and multiple sclerosis to non-healing diabetic wounds and soft radiation injury caused from radiation treatments following cancer. It can also be beneficial in decreasing markers of inflammation in the body from a sport related injury.

Q: Does Insurance Cover This Procedure?

Each patient’s health plan has its own criteria. Medicare and most insurance companies cover hyperbaric medicine for wound related conditions. Coverage for other conditions is dependent upon each health plan’s terms, the particular medical condition, and the recommended treatment plan.

Q: Why Should I Consider HBOT?

Medical studies have shown that HBOT, combined with standard medical and/or surgical care, offers patients with an extremely effective treatment option and outcome for various medical conditions. It is worth considering HBOT for the benefit of healing damaged tissue or wounds, and as a critical part of maintaining the immune system to fight infection or as an adjunct treatment to assist in brain recovery.

Q: What Other Services Does RegenQuest Provide?

We also offer advanced wound care and nutritional programs.

Q: Why Choose Us?

RegenQuest is a leading independent, free-standing (non-hospital affiliated) Center, providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Advanced Wound Care, and Supportive Nutrition, helping to ensure a successful outcome for patients with various medical conditions. Our Center provides quality medical care that is easily accessible and responsive to you in your time of need.