Does Your Loved One Suffer From Venous Ulcers? Advanced Wound Care Can Help

By November 22, 2019Wound Care
Advanced Wound Care Reading Time: 2 minutes

Venous ulcers are slow-healing open wounds (also called ulcers) that occur when valves in the veins no longer return blood to the heart as they should. Blood then builds up in the veins, creating a large amount of pressure which can contribute to the formation of wounds.

Advanced wound care therapies such as skin substitutes and compression will help treat venous ulcers and aid in alleviating related pain. Before discussing how advanced wound care works to help treat venous ulcers, here is a quick summary of symptoms of venous ulcers:

Symptoms of Venous Ulcers

Early signs of venous ulcers include:

  • Swelling in the lower leg
  • Tired, heavy, and aching legs
  • Itching and a ‘pins and needles’-like feeling
  • Dark discolored and hardened skin

Common symptoms of venous ulcer wounds include:

  • Wounds – shallow, red base, can be covered by a yellowish tissue
  • Pain – usually moderate and relieved with the elevation of the affected area
  • Irregular/unevenly shaped borders of the wound
  • Surrounding skin can be tight, shiny, discolored, and warm/hot
  • If infected – bad odor may be present, and the wound may have pus drainage

Treatment of Venous Ulcers

Basic wound care involves elevating your legs, wearing compression stockings or having special compression dressings applied to your legs. Removing dead tissue from the wound base and treating an infection, if present, is also part of the plan. If the wound is not improving after four weeks of basic wound care, techniques like skin substitutes can be used to heal the wounds.

While these methods of treating venous ulcers may help alleviate pain to some extent, over 30% of venous leg ulcers do not heal despite evidence-based treatment.

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