HBOT Wound Care Services 101

By September 14, 2018Wound Care
HBOT Wound Care Services

Wound care services are an important aspect of the HBOT treatment process. HBOT has shown to be an extremely effective treatment method for a variety of non-healing wounds such as those caused by diabetes, and other chronic wounds such as burns and lacerations. RegenQuest provides advanced hyperbaric medicine, specialized wound care and supportive nutrition to regenerate the health of individuals with a wide variety of medical conditions.

A wound heals by coagulation of blood, pus, and serum on the surface once these fluids come in contact with oxygen. As we age, the healing process slows since skin cells do not regenerate as quickly. A wound not healing properly can be exacerbated by ageing, poor diet, or other underlying health issues, which can cause it to become “smelly”, Infected or chronically painful. For example, diabetics are at higher risk of a wound turning gangrenous due to poor blood circulation and lack of oxygen to the damaged area.

At RegenQuest, our advanced wound care program is tailored to your specific needs which may include diagnostic testing, debridement and specialized wound dressings, including contact casting and decompression.

A practitioner will evaluate any underlying health issues which might impede the healing process. RegenQuest wound care services specialize in wounds which have not healed within 2 – 3 weeks after standard treatment (i.e., regular cleaning and dressing and/or antibiotics). HBOT for wound care provides healing benefits to those suffering from diabetic and venous stasis ulcers, non-healing surgical or radiation wounds, burns and lacerations, among others. Since the tissue in and around an affected area is not getting sufficient oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates the healing process by promoting new skin cell growth, blood vessel and capillary formation, and reducing inflammation and Infection.

Nutritional counselling, with our Certified Nutritionist may also be included.

RegenQuest, located in Deerfield Beach, FL., offers comprehensive wound care services for patients, administered with care and professionalism. Medicare and private insurance is available for most wound care patients. Insurance coverage may also be available for HBOT if patients meet the required criteria.

Wound Care Services: An Overview

In addition to HBOT, wound care treatment can include lab and vascular testing, radiology exam, and transcutaneous oximetry (a non-invasive method of measuring the oxygen level below the skin’s surface).

RegenQuest’s wound care services are provided by a professional licensed medical staff with over 30 years of experience in advanced wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Our services are administered by our MD and ARNP, both Certified in wound care and HBOT and our certified hyperbaric technologists are certified by The National Board of Hyperbaric Medical Technology.

Our comprehensive program is designed to promote healing, relieve chronic pain, promote good nutrition, and improve your overall quality of life.

If you suffer from a chronic or non-healing wound, our team will work with you and your physician to deliver the treatment you need. Contact RegenQuest today to schedule an initial consultation and learn about our wound care services program. Give us a call at (954) 571-9392.