How Does Hyperbaric Therapy For Wound Care Work?

By July 13, 2018Wound Care
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wound care has proven to be highly effective in the healing process of non-healing wounds and overall improvement of the patient. A wound requires oxygen to stimulate and support wound healing. Our highly trained medical staff will guide you through every step of the therapy and ensure the best results from this effective treatment.

How Does Hyperbaric Treatment For Wound Care Work?

hyperbaric therapy for wound careMedical studies have shown that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), combined with standard medical and/or surgical care, offers patients with an extremely effective treatment option and outcome for various medical conditions. Wounds need oxygen to heal correctly. The advanced technologies of hyperbaric oxygen therapy encourages tissue repair, reduces inflammation, boosts blood flow and helps fight infection.

This medical therapy can be used for a wide variety of wounds. It has shown remarkable success with diabetic wounds, failing or compromised skin grafts, tissue damage from radiation, crush injuries, amputations and burns, to name a few.

We are involved in every part of your journey to help you achieve positive outcomes. Prior to receiving HBOT, our licensed medical provider will complete a comprehensive assessment of the wound itself and evaluate possible underlying factors that may contribute to delayed wound healing. Additional tests may be ordered which can include laboratory studies, vascular studies, and/or radiology exams. Our medical staff will discuss how many treatment sessions you will need depending on your diagnosis and how it responds to HBOT. We believe in personalized care and we understand that healing is a process.

What Can You Expect From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

When you arrive for the treatment, you will change into 100% cotton clothing and your vital signs will assessed. You will be made comfortable on the bed and placed into the large clear acrylic chamber for a prescribed amount of time. You are exposed to pure 100% oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure than you normally experience. While in the chamber you can sleep, watch television / movies, or listen to music. You are continuously monitored by our hyperbaric technician.

Are There Any Side Effects?

This non-invasive procedure is considered safe, with few side effects. As the pressure inside the chamber increases above normal levels, you may experience some mild ear popping, as you would in an airplane or driving over a mountain. When the session is over, you may experience fatigue and or increased appetite. These symptoms are not serious or particularly uncomfortable and they don’t last long. Our licensed staff will be able to walk you through everything so that you are fully aware of this effective treatment.

Customized care plans ensure that you get the best treatment for your individual needs. If you have any further questions give us a call at (954) 571-9392.