Patient Testimonials

Watch video testimonials from our patients below.

Sharon 0:53

Watch as Sharon tells her story of how our hyperbaric chambers helped her with wound care.

Michael 2:23

Watch as Michael tells his story of how our hyperbaric chambers saved his life.

Mr. Lerner 1:00

Watch as Sam L. tells his story of how his RegenQuest Hyperbaric treatments helped him with Osteoradionecrosis (ORN).

Nicholas 1:14

Watch as Nicholas tells his story of how our hyperbaric chambers helped him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

What Our Patients Are Saying

“My son suffered a hypoxic brain injury at three months old. Since starting hyperbaric therapy, he has started smiling, mimicking sounds, cooing, and is eating and swallowing perfectly. His vision was greatly impacted as a result of the brain injury, and since doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it has improved tremendously. He is looking around and even tracking and making eye contact, and he’s able to communicate when he is happy, tired, hungry, etc. Physically, he has improved, as well, holding his head up, having overall trunk control and taking steps. The staff has been great and is always able to accommodate our busy schedule. His therapists are all astounded by his improvement and progress in such a short time. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has suffered a similar injury.”

Mother of 1 year old maleSunrise, FL

“Like all medical procedures, I approached hyperbaric oxygen treatment with a good amount of apprehension, however, after an orientation by Ashley, ARNP, my apprehension was relieved, and I was looking forward to starting treatment. I was prescribed the oxygen treatment for a severe kidney infection. Being that I am 89 years young, I had other injuries too numerous to mention. After about 10 treatments, I began to see improvement in the infection but also an improvement in my hearing (after wearing hearing aids for 30-40 years). My memory was also improving and my back, which was broke three times and constantly an 8 or 9 on the pain scale, became insignificant. The dark spots on my head began to disappear and my skin was clearer and lastly, the “familial tremors” have greatly diminished. Thanks to Colin and Hope’s very professional treatment, I felt no apprehension at any time and daily got a nice nap while in the tank. Plus…the coffee after each session as like the frosting on the cake. ”

Male, age 89Pompano Beach, FL

“After more than 3 years on a Lyme’s Disease path, the hyperbaric protocol has been very healing for me. Nothing I did ever gave me such improvement, so quickly. I did 28 treatments, 3 x week. I would continue to the 40-treatment recommendation, but I must return to Canada. Healing take time, but this approach was easy and to measure my health gain – less pain in gut, less fatigue, not as sick (feeling), more concentration and focus, and happier. I wish I would have done that before antibiotics for 1 year. Very professional clinic and everyone was pleasant. Thank you for your support. ”

Marie, age 60Kingston, CA

“The staff and management at RegenQuest are professional from start to finish. Moreover, they are friendly and helpful, never missing a chance to assist and make you comfortable. Appointments are handled on time, with maximum attention to the comfort and safety of patients. The equipment is modern and well-maintained, making each appointment trouble-free. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy was effective in reversal of osteonecrosis caused by chemo agents. All-in-all, an exceptional facility with good results and an outstanding staff. ”

David, age 75Boca Raton, FL

“My husband Litchfield was a client at RegenQuest, formerly South Florida Center for Hope. He received hyperbaric oxygen treatments for symptoms of Dementia. The staff members were true professionals, kind and full of empathy. We travelled from West Virginia to Florida three or four times a year and always looked forward to seeing the staff again and to the treatments my husband received. Our experience at RegenQuest was highly satisfactory.”

LitchfieldSt. Albans, West Virginia

“I started coming to the South Florida Center for HOPE, now RegenQuest, approximately once a week 15 years ago for my memory. I would always ask “how do I know if this is working?” until I missed several weeks and realized my memory declined considerably. My partner also noticed the change and demanded that I return for treatment once a week. Next month I will turn 92. I am still able to drive and workout every day. My cardiologist said my heart is stronger now than ever. The staff is always warm, accommodating and very professional. The office is clean and welcoming.”

Henry, age 92Boca Raton, FL

“Dr. Bravo and Staff- Fern and Denise are skillful and caring professionals. They are extremely friendly and made us feel like family. They enabled me to make a pain free recovery. The atmosphere of the office was always cheerful and optimistic. Nice to be around.”

Norman, age 90Deerfield Beach, FL

“I was treated for a leg wound for 9 weeks. During that time I received excellent care from the staff and Dr. Bravo. One person, Denise, who I saw the most, was most helpful to me during my visits to RegenQuest. I can’t thank her and the rest of the staff for taking care of me and of course to Dr. Bravo for his excellent treatment of my wound.”

Robert H.Deerfield Beach, FL

“I was very happy with the service that I received at RegenQuest. They were effective. The Doctor was very personable and explained everything to me. Denise and Fern were cordial and explained everything to me. Fern even got me a coffee because I was on a walker. If I ever got another round (I hope not) I would only come to RegenQuest. The place was exceptionally clean.”

Sara, age 81Deerfield Beach, FL

“I had a very good experience here.”

Deborah, age 65Deerfield Beach, FL

“Words cannot express the level of care I received from Dr. Bravo and Denise. I had an open wound that would not heal. I came to Dr. Bravo’s office and he continued to monitor my wound for several months until it was healed. Dr. Bravo and Denise have a terrific bedside manner. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs special care. Fern their receptionist is also a value to this team. She is so welcoming as you come through the door. Everyone makes you feel like family.”

Kim, age 57Deerfield Beach, FL

“I cannot say enough of how supportive the team at RegenQuest is. They are beyond professional and make you feel safe as you undergo HBO. I saw immediate improvement after suffering a hematoma on my neck after a face and heck lift. The unsightly hematoma began to resolve and I am hopeful as I am only 4 sessions into a 10-session program.”

Robin, age 58

“The friendly staff at RegenQuest is very personable and accommodating and truly does their best to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I was referred to RegenQuest for treatment of a traumatic brain injury and have now completed 30 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I was initially anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of being in the hyperbaric chamber. But a quick look at the oxygen chamber setup and a thorough explanation of the process did an amazing job of calming my nerves. The staff reassured me that it would be a breeze; they would be next to me the whole time and there was nothing to worry about. They were right! The hyperbaric chambers themselves are spacious, and the staff makes sure you're more than comfortable with pillows, blankets, etc. Watching Netflix or taking a midday nap makes the time fly by. I am very thankful for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the incredible impact it has had on my recovery thus far.”

Female, age 25Paradise Island, Bahamas

The staff and the doctors were very kind and provided plenty of information in a fashionable/understandable time/manner.”

James, age 18Ft Lauderdale, FL

“On August 23, 2016, Michael experienced a ruptured AVM that was inoperable. Michael was 34 years of age. During his recovery, he has relearned to walk, eat, and function in his daily life. Mike suffers with short-term memory loss and some long-term memory loss. He has had nine sessions with the hyperbaric chamber so far. We already have noticed Mike engaging more in conversation, answering questions quicker, making more eye contact when talking and taking more initiative in dressing and grooming. After just this short time of hyperbaric therapy sessions, we are looking forward to more awakening from Mike. Goals: writing more in his journal, reading, and improving his need to be reminded of going to the bathroom.”

Mother of Michael, age 36, maleJupiter, Florida

“A miracle called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: I did not know about these therapies and how beneficial they have been for my health. I had surgery and it did not go well. I am a cancer survivor (Stage 3 breast cancer). In the past, I received chemo and radiation. My first day at RegenQuest, for my first treatment, I was very skeptical, afraid and nervous, thinking, “Do I have to go back to the surgery room and start all over again?” The hyperbaric therapy started, and I began to notice the change in my wound a couple of days later. I am so grateful for the staff. They are caring people and have always been by my side. I call the hyperbaric oxygen therapy a miracle. In the beginning, I did not know what to expect from the oxygen chamber. Today, my skin is coming back, my cells have been regenerated. I am 100% positive these therapies could help to heal different diagnoses. Insurance companies should be educated with these treatments and understand how beneficial it is.”

Francina, age 56Margate, FL