Why Choose a Professional Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment Center

hyperbaric chamber treatment Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used for a wide variety of medical conditions, including non-healing/chronic wounds, decompression sickness, radiation injury, acute carbon monoxide poisoning, and failed skin grafts. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an effective and safe therapy when facilitated by licensed professionals who know your specific circumstances. HBOT is a medical procedure and, for your safety, we do not suggest hyperbaric chamber treatment anywhere other than at a specialized treatment center.

The use of hyperbaric oxygen dates to almost 350 years ago. It is a medical treatment which uses 100% oxygen at increased pressure to help a variety of ailments. Different versions of HBOT have developed and there are now three main options. These are monoplace chambers, mild hyperbaric chambers (which can be used at home), and multiplace chambers. For the greatest possible results, treatment with a monoplace chamber or a multiplace chamber is your best option.

Monoplace Chambers

At RegenQuest, we offer therapy sessions with this innovative HBOT chamber. A patient goes into a pressurized chamber that is filled with 100% pure oxygen at 1.5 – 2.5 times higher than normal air pressure. Our monoplace chambers are made from clear acrylic material which allows our staff to closely monitor you and communicate with you. This provides one-on-one professional supervision. The internal diameter of the chamber is 40.5 inches and each session lasts between 80-120 minutes, depending on your condition. Receiving pressurized oxygen increases the concentration in the bloodstream which stimulates the release of stem cells, increased cell growth, increases new circulation, and enhances the body’s natural healing process.

This entire process is medically supervised, by our licensed technicians and providers who remain with you every step of the process. Before your sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, we will conduct an initial evaluation to assess your condition, as well as your overall health. This is an essential part of the process. At RegenQuest, our medical team creates customized care plans which assist you in your journey to achieve optimal health.

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

A significant difference between hyperbaric oxygen therapy and mild hyperbaric therapy is the amount of oxygen and pressure provided. During treatment, a patient uses an inflatable portable chamber and breathes in ambient air at a pressure which is only slightly higher than sea level. This minimal oxygen and pressure increase might not be enough for a patient to experience any satisfactory results. Studies have not been able to prove the effectiveness of mild hyperbaric chambers and the FDA does not recognize them as medical devices. Unfortunately, you might waste your money and time using this type of chamber, while also missing out on all the benefits that come with monoplace HBOT chambers.

Multiplace Chambers

Multiplace chambers are usually found in hospitals. If you don’t like big hospitals, these would not be for you. The rooms often fit up to 18 patients who are treated at the same time. Treating multiple people at the same time may result in less personalized care. Chambers are still pressurized as they would be in a monoplace chamber, however in order to receive the oxygen the patient must wear a hood and breathe through the hood. Patients with diagnosis of decompression sickness that require extended time in the chamber or patients needing additional equipment would benefit from a multiplace chamber.

At RegenQuest, each patient is provided with a regenerative plan (The RegenQuest System) – a customized plan created by the Center’s professional staff. RegenQuest patients benefit from its pioneering treatment of the whole person. You have peace of mind knowing that every step of your journey is being facilitated and monitored by licensed health care professionals. We invite you to schedule a consultation today! For more information, give us a call at (954) 571-9392.